Saturday, April 04, 2009

Get out the banjo.....we're goin' to Chicago

So our car arrives and we need to cram in to make it work.
Here goes C entering the car to her seat.

Here is "Crabby Pants", "Jimmy Glick", "Moe", "giant 11 year old", and "the gangsta"
Look how excited my fam looks to take their first airplane ride. Money well spent.
S in his seat......C and D??? Photo deleted by accident....nice.
D and C on the El.
The trio at the Alexander Calder
The sleepy chicks at the Museum of Science and Industry
Couldn't get enough of them.
Flag that flew over a ship in WWII. Notice it only has 48 stars. Neat.
It's hard to see, but there is a real submarine behind them. U-505. US Captured this sub in WWII. This was a super cool exhibit.
S in C's coat by a huge statue
We had a nice trip. Rick and I are not good airplane companions. We belong in the woods, were hillbillies feel at home. K~

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