Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy Tuesday

I absolutely LOVE my kids. I think for the most part they are good kids. But how come I HATE the bedtime routine and the morning before school routine with every fiber of my being. I yell more in that collective hour than the entire day combined. If I say get dressed one more time, I am going to put it on my grave stone. If I say get inTO BEDDDD! one more time I may need to add that too. Along with LEAVE THE DOG ALOOOONNEEE!!! DO NOT scream like that inside this house, or You better have no arms after that outburst scream!! Oh, I could go on, but alas, I need to go yell at the kids to finish getting dressed or you'll miss the bus; which they of course never have missed the bus.
Then there is Rick. Who is sicker than a dog but still at work. Sniffing and snorting. He gave C a bowl of fruit this morning, and took a bite of it on the way to her. He was going to give her his fork!!!!!!! I tell ya.

have a nice day. K~


bobbione8y said...

i think their is a reason i have no children.

because i cannot handle noise. just to keep things interesting, God lined me up with a harley-loving next door neighbor.

i should start yelling at him a little, too.


K~ said...

IT is something else here. I think that if I was my neighbor, I would loose my mind. I keep checking with them and they have nothing bad to say. I they seemed a bit surprised at my concern. I think then, that they must have hearing issues :-) K~

Karen said...

Good heavens, you've been busy! We're all getting the post-spring break cold over here, too. Usually I'm the one that stays healthy, but it got me this time.

Mary Anne said...

Those are words similar to what I remember my mom yelling at us every morning of every school day (and that was many many years ago). I guess some things never change for poor moms!