Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my trip to NY

Rockefeller CenterOur street and hotel..........Look at the blue sign on the right side of the street.Grand Central Station. The hardest thing to photograph.
Outside of Grand Central Station.My Boyfriend!
F was the train we always took when we were in New York. Good old F. Cityscape near Bryant Park. Me at Bryant Park. With the BEST salads EVER! From a place called Europa Cafe. Yummy. I really miss it!Fountain at Bryant Park.
Cool black and gold building on the edge of Bryant park.
Door at St. Patrick's Church
Full size Darth Vader made of Lego's at FAO Schwartz
Full size Chewbaca made of Lego's at FAO Schwartz
Central Park

Cool sculptures on 6th Ave.

I had a great time. J was the easiest baby EVER. I'm not feeling too swell today. I am hoping it is just travel lag, but who know? K~


Karen said...

Well, at least you didn't go to Mexico!

Your boyfriend is SO CUTE!!

Hope you feel better soon!

K~ said...

Isn't he a doll!! I am feeling better today. My sister in law was tested and did not have the swine flu. So chances are if I get sick, it's the regular every day flu. K~

bobbione8y said...

that boyfriend is SO cute! i bet he is one you wouldn't mind keeping!

swine flu? fcol (fer cryin' out loud) will pray....

K~ said...

Thanks Bob. I think I am in the clear. let's hope so. Isn't he the cutest. he is the best baby ever!!! K~