Thursday, June 25, 2009

It has been an interesting week

It has been nice and warm and we are having a very nice time. We did have a set back yesterday when the kids Grandma got admitted to the hospital. We have been able to visit her. She is getting testing done. I hope she can come back to the cabin tomorrow, and enjoy the nice weather before we head home.
Bing has been absolutely thrilled and beside himself with joy!! Puff is enjoying himself too and took a dip in the lake today.

Swimmers itch is in full swing here!! All the kids look like they have the chicken pox.
I have yet to go on a boat ride. I hope it might be tonight.


Karen said...

Yikes! I hope that Grandma is okay, and I hope you get to ride in the boat.

I have four mosquito bites and I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle swimmer's itch..

K~ said...

That swimmers itch is something else. The Grandma is doing ok. She, overall, is not well at all. K~

bobbione8y said...

hey! lou and i have a plan for the beginning of august! you are involved :)) must discuss.