Thursday, September 24, 2009


Love the art on this show. Super round and cute! The show is good too. LOVE Quack the blue duck with the sailor hat.

Think i had a reaction to my PT tape on my back last night. had to leave work early. Did get to clean and feed the cormorant, the many ducks to get to the one goose on my list, a soft shell turtle and some pigeons. oh and helped with the possem, made turtle food and greens, did garbages in the exam room, did some laundry, dishes, and wiped the counter. Oh, now it is just sounding like home.....
Anyway... I am home today. I need to catch up on some house work and paperwork. K~

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bobbione8y said...

those drawings remind me of your kali art! oh. miss that girl right now.