Monday, October 26, 2009

too many ideas, not enough brain

I have been working on several ideas this weekend. I have lots of stuff floating in my head.
Right now, I am just brainstorming on how I want to present my material.
I can't seem to write the funny stories the way I can tell of my travels and life.
It just isn't humorous when I put it on paper.
I do find, however, actually using paper and pencil is the way I write the best. As I copy my writing onto the computer, I can see how it flows. That process seems to be working out ok. I make it sound like I have tons and tons of stuff. Truth be told, i have a few pages of story, and a lot of chapter/story titles. I think I know how I want to tell my story.
But it is a lot of work... and well... i am kind of lazy.
My brain is a bit too scattered and i like to sleep a lot.
I have started to work on a character for my ideas.
I have drawn a few sketches of little me. Here it is. K~


Karen said...

I'm so excited for this! Don't give up! Try this--when you're thinking about something that happened, close your eyes and go through all your senses. Then write about the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, touches of the story.

K~ said...

Thanks for the encouragement. just can't get over the "why" write it. I often just put it aside and keep brainstorming. K~