Friday, October 02, 2009

who was cuter?

So I know that I haven't written lately about my absolutely FAVORITE job!! Love it!! I had a pretty fun filled night on Wednesday. The cormorant that we have is ADORABLE!! He has to wear boots, yes foam pads with tape due to some bumble foot issues. So his cute foot is covered a bit. He actually looked even cuter than normal.
The cutest smallest myotis bat! I think this is one. I googled him. Anyway. I had to show a co worker how to get them to their feeding dish with out touch them with our hand. 2 weeks ago, a little myotis started to crawl up my glove and proceeded to crawl up my arm. It was very tense for a bit, because if the little fella bites one of us, it automatically has to be put down, even though I am rabies vaccinated. But alas, it didn't bite me and it got it off with out incident.

I fed the 2 outdoor pigeons. One look like a lolly pop. Its round little head sat on top of his extremely skinny bald neck. Just had to take a double take on that one.
The crowning glory of Wednesday, was my wonderful contribution to the ACC at the WRC. I was making greens for the 48 ducks I had to take care of. I finished a great lettuce and water smoothie and took the lid off to inspect my master greens making abilities. I needed to push the blender back, so I could pour it out into the bucket. My thumb accidentally hit the ON button and for a split second it was like we were in the exorcist movie for a moment. Green was spewing everywhere. I stood stunned, but was able to turn it off. It was quite a mess! Shocking really, and I don't recommend you try it at home. K~


bobbione8y said...

okay, i love that bat. it's kind of not fair that we can't touch them! anything furry is good!

:) glad you are still enjoying your work...

Kris said...

So THAT'S how I became covered in green slop!! jk . . . I thought you just turned it on and forgot to put the lid on . . . hence the "WHAT are you DOING?" comment! Love you blog!