Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pillow top and swans

I had so much fun making this pillow top, that I am not sure if I should continue and make a blanket. It is such a hard decision. This was an inspiration from a pal on Ravelry. Anyway.... at least it is beautiful anyway I use it. The bunny blog is soon to come.......
Last night was so funny. We have very few animals, and are able to slow down a bit at work. During this time, I like to just watch the animals for a few minutes. Swans, all bet it bossy, are so fun to watch. Last night, I had a stand off with one. The largest Trumpeter swan was asserting his power by being stubborn. I need to drain their pool and lift it to hose it out before I refill it. We he decided to stand on the edge while it was draining. So, I went to fill their food bowls and swept up the mess on the floor. He was still there. Hissing and staring at me. So I went to get my pal Kris and she worked on getting him to move while I cleaned the pool. I guess he won. He was wiggling his but and honking. What a bragger :-) K~


KristieLou said...

Love the pillow top/blanket!

I can't wait to see you this weekend...its almost art girl time!

K~ said...

yeah... I am so excited to see you guys!! See you soon. K~