Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok, I know they don't like me, But seriously, I was a chew toy last night. I kept getting nibbled, poked and snuck up on by the feisty little cormorant. He would sneak up behind me and bite my leg. His sharp little beak would go right through my jeans, like a knife through butter. I was talking to him like a dog by the time I was done with that room. Stay!!
Then I got bit, no blood thank goodness, by a opossum. Yes those top dagger teeth are sharp. Went right through leather work gloves. I felt bad for him. He was quite injured and I am sure he was in a lot of pain. Pain, that he wanted to share with me I guess. Just a bit bruised and sore today. no biggie. I was charged by another opossum shortly after that incident. Sheesh!


bobbione8y said...

wowza. you should win an AWARD, woman. you really should. that possum would be sitting on my table for supper ;)

K~ said...

It was quite an evening. They normally growl and hiss anyway. They always have their mouths open like that but I didn't want to leave him on the plastic. needless to say, he stayed on the plastic.