Monday, May 24, 2010


I am really a naturegal stuck in a big city. I have always had the need to travel. I have always wanted a small farm. I have, for several years, been trying to get a small "farm" going on our 120' x 40' lot. I have looked into bees. I would love to have a bee hive. Not just for the honey, but to be able to watch the hive grow and come and go throughout my day. In doing research on this possible project, I have found that I would have to have the hive set up about 2 feet from my house. It would have to have a fence around it, so the bees could go straight up and out instead of going out horizontally through the yard and then to the neighborhood. I have still longed to order my queen bee and drones in a box and set up my little honey making dream.
Then there is the chicken dream. I don't think that is just a pipe dream. I have done more encouraging research on that. I have found out that I can get a one chicken with out a permit. I will have to restyle the playhouse into a chicken coop. I am going to go to a class on this in about a week.
I also would like a sheep to harvest my own wool. I know that this is not possible right now. I don't have the room, we have no grass, and wool on sheep gets brittle and not so good for looming when the sheep gets older.
Last but not least I would LOVE a buffalo. I think that they would be absolutely fantastic. I just love watching them. I love reading about them. I just love them.


bobbione8y said...

i love this post!! i want all of those things too, except the buffalo. i have looked one in the eye, and he hated me ;))

in other news, i have alot of the same flowers. i am super bummed that my calla lilly is rotting at the base. it was so pretty last week, and this week all of the stems are falling off. apparently, it is either from too much water, or it came this way from the store. i hope it's the 2nd one :))

can hardly wait to see the stuff in person!

K~ said...

Hey Bob. I really liked the buffalo book. It makes me want to buy into the buffalo ranch. However, I would NEVER make money, because I would never be able to kill any of them.

Like any true wild animal, they all look at us like they hate us. Take it from me :-) K~

bobbione8y said...


i never thought of it that way!!!!