Sunday, June 13, 2010

There, i hope that's better!

Well, since Rick's back is out, it was up to me to decide how to handle the Rank Plant Growth. So I thought "what would work best for weeds/rank plant growth..?"
Why a weed whipper of course. So after one and one half hours on almost non stop weed whipping. I think I got the yard handled.
Gee, I hope that wasn't too annoying for the neighbors?? K~


bobbione8y said...


i went out in the back yesterday, and saw the lopping over mass of daisies that had volunteered to come up this spring in the grass, and thought 'rank plant growth!'

so i chopped em off. see, i learned some things with you guys this weekend! hope you have a great week with the kiddos home :)

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K~ said...

Hey it's raining here!!! Gee. Rick is home today with a bad back. He will be here if anyone swings by to fine us. I am going to get some plants at Walmart, that I have wanted to do for years, and frankly have put off. I am getting some ostrich ferns for the area under the kids window. It is bare there and mossy. I am also going to continue my hasta border down the hill that I had begun about 4 years ago. I am going transplant them from ours in the back. It will be pretty, but I still feel icky about the whole thing. K~

bobbione8y said...

oh shoot. i am sorry rick's back is not better, but yes, better to have a man 'deal' with the authorities :))

i am glad you are going to make lemonade out of the letter...although yes, icky.