Thursday, June 17, 2010

Traveling with art


This square came from an experiment with lines and color. It is not one of my favorites, but it was a pleasant surprise under the circumstances. I like to start with an idea, or perhaps a color scheme and just work with what starts to happen as I go along. Bobbi reminded me that many artists keep a working diary of inspiration pieces. I kind of felt like a true artist for a moment, because I have many pieces of inspiration that I have either tucked away or in a computer file. I love to work with color so much that it is hard to be patient and take time to finish a piece sometimes. I like to work on my stitching as well. This too takes time and memory. Both of which I am short of these days. And yet, I try and fit it in as I go about my day. Trying new things and keeping excited as I go along. This medium has truly allowed me the opportunity to travel with my art. Yeah! K~

1 comment:

bobbione8y said...

you ARE an artist :))

and i love your thought processes on each of these pieces. it's so interesting to hear the 'back' story, and see how the outcome is so unexpected...

you rock, my friend.