Friday, July 02, 2010

Firsts for me at WRC

We have 2 baby river otters. They are truly as cute as a stuffed animals. I was baffled by their poop. It was piles of some many different blacks, grays, browns and tans, I just didn't quite understand how they digested things.
4 baby green herons. SO SO cute. They put up their heads and they look like fluffy sticks. So very very cute. These little guys were in our flight room. We have 6 enclosures in the flight room. These guys are in one. Then there are the crows that I said I had an omenesque experience a few weeks ago. One enclosure has older baby birds in it, A LOT of older baby birds. It was the first time I got pooped on.... right on the head!! then on my shirt sleeve. eeoo..

After I cleaned the poopy birds I needed to feed them. So I read their sheet and did the normal counting of how many total items I needed. I could not believe my eyes and double checked with the vet. They needed 750 meal worms and/or wax worms. 750 in one enclosure!
I finish counting them out, luckily not one at a time, and finish counting the earthworm total. 750 earthworms. That is a total of 1500 worms in one enclosure and I have 3 more enclosures to go. I have never seen that many worms in one dirt pile in my life. I hope the birds were happy. After I fed the other birds, I looked over and boy oh boy what a mess mess mess robins can make of their dirt!!


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KristieLou said...

oh my...those river otters are so cute i can barely stand it! how did you not take one home?