Saturday, September 18, 2010

In my own little bubble

I had lunch with some terrific girls yesterday.

You know who you are Bobbi, Kristi and Cassie :-)

I really felt honored to be invited to the pow wow at the French Meadow.

Thanks girls.

In thinking about the day, I find that I really do enjoy others company. But I always find myself in my own little bubble of home. I don't even go outside much anymore.

Sure, what I say is very true.

I HATE the mosquitoes. They find me anytime, any place, no matter who I am with.

I get super nervous talking to people. I am always sure they don't like me much. (odd, but true)

I do like it inside, but more and more, I like editing my communication.

Kristi was wearing a back space key on a cute necklace she made at the junk bazaar. It really wrapped up my communication style. I have for quite some time, loved being able to use spell check, back space, cut and paste functions. When your "out there" it of course is not possible to do that. Then, I just look dumb.

Just a thought for the day.



bobbione8y said...

i have been in my own little bubble for almost 9 years now. or is it 10?

that's the thing about a bubble, the rest of the world looks kind of fuzzy out there :)

ha. good to see you dear. i hope you can come in october for a little more relaxing and catching up.

KristieLou said...

it was so fun to see you! i love art girl days :)

K~ said...

I hope to be able to visit. I am going to check out the calendar in a bit. Feeling VERY buried today. The day is just flying by. And I am not being very productive.

K~ said...

Oh, thanks Kristi, I can't tell you gals how special I feel to be included. K~