Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor day

Made Puff this cowboy hat on the trip. Then I realized he didn't have "a top of a head" He was about as happy as the photo shows, to wear it.
Moonscape over somewhere in Montana

Glacier view

I am hanging in there. I have had a very crazy busy few months. I feel a bit pulled in many directions. Kind of like taffy. I am ready to be taken off the puller and put in a nice plain wrapper and settle into a round glob.
Renaissance yesterday. 7 hours! I am a bit tired. Pictures to come later.
Mom and Dad are still here and will be until at least the 13th. Cora started a new school (Twin Cities Academy) on Wednesday. The boys start tomorrow. I have been up at 655 AM every morning, making coffee, setting the breakfast table for my mom and dad, doing dishes, clothes, cleaning up, etc.
Puff is doing fine. He is taking water and baby food sweet potatoes just fine by syringe. Today he gets to try his super worms.
Enough for now. Enjoy the pics. K~


bobbione8y said...

i LOVE puff's hat!!

hey. gotta plan to maybe meet up with you in a couple weeks. will call you in the next couple of days!

K~ said...

Yeah. Let me know. Isn't Puff adorable in that hat!