Sunday, October 24, 2010

This one is my fault but it is too big for me

One of my kids just told me they don't believe in God.
I have only myself to blame. I am so sad and so not cut out to raise children. I tell ya. After seeing the Dead Sea scroll this morning. I was feeling a bit more renewed in my pursuit to get the family back to church on a regular basis(if at all). Then this bombshell.
I don't even need to ask what I need to do.
Please join me in prayer for my family. Thank you. K~


bobbione8y said...

aw, kirst, i am sorry. there are lots of things i could say. i'll just say a couple, then leave it to prayer.

mostly, i want to say that you are not God. this is not all about you, and your failures or flaws. He does not place all responsibility for what happens in your kids' lives on you. He is bigger and cares for both you and them more than that.

i think you rememeber that i was nearly 40 when God came into my life in a way that i could not deny. your job as a mom is to pray for them, draw closer to God yourself, and reflect upon them who you know Him to be. that can start today, and it is NOT too late. God loves you all a lot, and will not stop working in any of your lives.

i love you guys a lot, too :)) please don't be hard on yourself today.

K~ said...

I am trying not to go into a spiral. I have been a little wibbly. I have been praying even more than I have been lately. That takes up a lot of my day. I REALLY thank you for the words you said to me. I talked to them this morning, and asked if they could, for a while, try and use the words "I don't understand God" or " I am unsure if He exists" at least for now. Thanks again for the words and Thank you so much for the prayers. I may need laying of hands soon too. K~

Nancy Hicks said...

Hey Kirsten~

I'm sorry this is happening to you too. I'm going through this with two of mine as well. Bobbie is right though this is not about your failure or anything you did wrong as a parent or as a Christian. This is about the kids' walk with God - they have their own path to travel which may be one we wish they didn't have to go on. As much as we moms feel we SHOULD be all powerful and all knowing when it comes to our kids, He is still the one and only All Powerful, All Knowing One. All we can do is be there for them to listen and to show them by our words/actions who God is and that He does exist. It's heartbreaking to see them struggle so but it is their struggle to go through. Give it to God - He has it covered anyway! Whatever the reason or logic behind this, it is His Plan for them. You are doing the only things you can in this instance - PRAY lots and be there for your child. Sometimes I know it doesn't feel like it's enough or that we are NOT doing anything but you praying is the most effective thing you could do. Stay strong and let God carry you (like in the Footprints Poem) through this one. I am here for you and love you dearly! Take care...

satinder rana said...

Definitely not your fault. God is the supreme power in the universe. If he wanted to, your children would have been believing him from the start. I guess God always want us to let the things run by their course. Just push them into this. When they will realize the power the almighty possess and when they feel the presence in their lives, they will be inclined to him by themselves.

May god bless you all.

K~ said...

Thanks everyone. I tell ya. I have really felt the prayers. Things are going fine right now. never a day without drama. K~