Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What are Bacterial Mats?

Yellowstone Bacterial Mat

The runoff from this geyser hosts an interesting juxtaposition of Archaea and bacteria living in different temperature ranges. Thermophilic algae (Cyanadium) are green and live in waters 38-56oC. Reddish deposits are siderophilic (iron-loving) Archaea ranging between 50-60oC.
They are so beautiful and so delicate! Just a little earth science lesson for today.


bobbione8y said...


they are cool! yes, Rick and boys, do not touch ;)

Anonymous said...

In answer to your posting question: What's at the bottom of my bathtub?

cabincrazyone (cc1) said...

Whoa. Isn't it odd how differently two witnesses can see something? I saw this brightly colored flow and immediately thought how toxic it must be. No grass, no trees, nothing can survive there ... except some bacteria.
Please don't take this as belligerence. I love nature and all that goes with it, but I simply don't see this as anything but ugly runoff.
I don't suppose there's a chance that you'll visit my blog? Here's a beautiful opportunity to practice patience and tolerance. :^)