Monday, January 17, 2011


Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I have done some pretty hard things in my day. Being responsible for another life is quite daunting. It's more than can be written in a book or passed on from mom to daughter. Mix into that daunting pot, "challenging" children. Ones that don't "fit the mold", not one, but all 3 and now things get even more interesting. Parenting really takes on a life of it's own in the house. Try as I may, it becomes impossible to integrate parenting and living together into one working organism.
I remember back when I was in one of those parenting classes before I was an actual parent. A man asked the following question (need I mention that MOST questions are not stupid)

The man: "When will my wife have the baby?"
The instructor: "After she dilates to 10 cm and is totally effaced...... blah blah blah."
The man: "No, When is she going to go into labor. I just need to know, I'd like to plan."

Wouldn't we all. Even at that early stage of parenting I knew that was too much to ask for, but I tell ya, I fear some genetics were never meant to be mixed. Rick and mine, NOT A GOOD COMBO! Still, I know how the man felt. Even though I knew that that was a question that could not be answered, of course, I wanted an answer.

I feel like the older my kids get, the more unanswerable questions come up. When their tears and the yelling come, and mine as well, which is daily here, I have to take it as the day has presented it to me. Some days I can handle others, not so much.

Take this morning, please :-) Over a 45 minute period the following things happened:

3 up and "awake"
3 need to be fed
2 need clothes found
2 need constant hounding to get dressed
2 inform me that it is too cold to get dressed
2 need meds
1 needs a quick hair cut
1 goes through his daily 3-4 underwear because they all feel too tight, too poky, to baggy, etc.
1 tells me his whole face hurts
1 is following me around saying he is sorry
1 is on a verge of a very serious fit
1 is still in the bathroom getting more beautiful
1 is ready to go out to the bus in a sweatshirt and a thin jacket and a cotton fashion hat, and no mittens (temp outside 9F)
1 has pulled his boot apart and is angrily trying to put it back together
1 is still in his underwear
1 needs his hair flattened but not too wet
1 needs his coat snapped
1 needs to be reminded that they should be gone already
3 leave crabby

To sum up my rant, if I can look at this from 2 different view points:

1. (Positive view) Every house looks like this in the morning

2. (Negative view) I live in a nut home



bobbione8y said...

i actually showed your post to carey, and she said "yep, that sounds like my house."

whoa. perhaps they should start telling us about parenting before we actually start attempting to mate :)

K~ said...

Would we listen??

bobbione8y said...

as i recall back to you and Rick in your bunny rabbit phase, i would say 'no.'