Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I have wanted to write down some of my thoughts, but I can't even seem to formulate many complete ones. I have been running around kind of like a chicken that has lost it's head. I have done enough coordinating of schedules, appointments, homework, monies, play dates, sleep overs, family stuff, phone calls, computer updates, vet appointments, med refills and on and on, that I just seem to be like a hamster running on a wheel. Except then I would be 40 lbs lighter, but I digress. Today I was trying to shuffle around my zoo so everyone could be comfortable. My big project is the water turtle need to be moved and their habitat deep cleaned and moved further from the window. But true to "If you give a pig a pancake" form, I got Boris and Natasha cleaned and moved to a new home, Yuri, Shelley and Pebbles cleaned and moved to a new home and the water turtles, are still in there not so clean home... sigh. That I believe, would literally be 2 steps forward 1 step back. I am a week behind in may daily bible. What would have taken me 15 minutes per day will now take... well 7 x 15, what ever that is. With the amount of homework I have been doing, you'd think I could do that figuring in my sleep... wait while I get the computer calculator up....105 minutes, now for my next trick, I will convert that into hours....1.75, which I think means 1 hour and 45 minutes cuz it can't be 1 hour and 75 minutes cuz that would be 2 hours and 15 minutes, right??
Tomorrow night i need to be 3 places at 7 PM. So in order to make that work, I needed to potentially enlist 3 more adults plus me, after many phone calls and re coordinating, I only needed 1 extra adult and me. I still don't know who is doing what.
It's not enough for me to write stuff down in my notebook, which I still do every day. As I complete my various tasks, I cross them out with a highlighter, a neat trick I learned from the nurses at the nursing home I worked at in 1996. That way you can look back at your list and see that you did do the dishes. I was giggling to myself the other day after checking over my list, some of the "to do" entries were as follows: Vet appointment-Bing, Submit Community Ed form, Shower, Call Raptor Center, Application for Washington Tech - David, Email Cindy - Enrichment, Update Webroot, clothes, wrc, clean water turtles, feed Puff, water grapefruit plant, David's 504 information, Refill meds, put away clothes. After I read this discombobulated list I glanced at my hand, on it read, Kaohly 7:30. I reserve my left hand for immediate immediate info. stuff I just can't forget. I always say "if I lose my hand, I have bigger issues than what was written on it.
Tomorrow is a new day filled with new things for my list. New items I can remember or sadly forget. K~

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