Thursday, April 14, 2011

meet ??

Wel,l I got a new little baby today. I am not going to name him, yet.... I am going to check it out for my 15 day trial. I just LOVE him already. He slept in my strap of my tank top right on my skin for a long time. He sat and warmed himself on my computer fan for about an hour ( just like Puff). But Ramses was a new baby when I got her and passed way after 2 years. She always smelled bad. This is a sign of kindey problems, according to my vet. So... I am nervous about baby beardies. I don't want this one to die after 2 years of loving, so, I am taking it easy, making sure he smells right and eats and poops ok. So far, I think he is in love with me too. I have never seen a juvenile beardie sit like this. So calm and content. He does take off running, though. So, I know he is quick. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I so badly want this to work. K~


bobbione8y said...

oh kirst!!! i want so bad for him to be right for you too! will pray :))

i am happy that he reminds you of puff. that was something that really helped me when beener passed, that siesta looked like him alot ;)

K~ said...

ok, so this little guy is too sweet. He is totally like Puff. he LOVES to be held. he doesn't want to be in his habitat. I have been putting him under my tank top strap and he falls asleep right away. He sits there for a super long time. He scrapes on the walls of his home to get out. I am trying not to fall too far in love, but I think it may be too late.
Masey the snake is getting ready to shed. Her eyes are all milky and I am keeping an eye on her. I worry so about these little critters.
Bing at a Brie cheese wrapper last night, so I worry he is going to get all sick.
And Lulu escaped from her new tank into our house. I can't find her anywhere!!

Just another day for me!
Miss you! K~

Anonymous said...

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K~ said...

so bianchii, What do you think about my new bearded dragon? Do you like him? K~

bobbione8y said...

how is masey doing? is she okay?

how is nameless doing? he IS cute....

K~ said...

Hey Bob. Masey is great. She is really calming down. She just shed and is eating fine. She is beautiful and very friendly. No name is doing fine. He sleeps on my chest in my shirt for over an hour at a time. He loves to be with me and I love him. I got a really bad sun burn from his UB light the other night. It hurts really bad. I need to have his cage further away from my nest. I have a missing water turtle however. Lulu decided to get out of her new tank. I am sad, because I can't find her. She is so flat, so she can get almost anywhere. I hope i can find her, but it has been almost a week and I am kind of running out of hope. How are you? How is your garden?K~

bobbione8y said...

Lulu! oh no! i just assumed you would find her!!

sigh. that makes me sad, too.

garden is nothing. have not even stepped outside once.

i hope someday i can :)