Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A story from March....Polyphemus Moth

So last August C found a huge caterpillar and brought it home to photograph. I told her that I would bring it back to the place she found it in the morning. By morning, it had made itself into a huge cocoon. I read about it and the info said it would stay that way until spring. So we kept it over the winter and once spring came, we put it into the mesh cage I have for outdoor time for the zoo. In only a few days it emerged. I was so glad that it didn't pass away in the winter. I looked up what it eats and drinks to I could try and keep it until it warmed up.... This is what I found.... Polyphemus moths do not eat or drink. Once they emerge, they live for only 4 or so days. WHAT!!! NICE. So I let it go so it could fly among the clouds until it passed. sigh. K~

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