Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hoarder or Holiday Boutique

Something just dawned on me this holiday season. I was shopping at a local nursery (not the picture, but you get the idea) and I had my purse over my shoulder and a basket in hand. It was totally decked out for the holidays. From wall to wall and floor to ceiling, it was packed with holiday ornaments, clay pots, gnomes, this and that, all of of them very breakable. With my purse and basket, at every move, every turn, I was going to break something. The "aisles" were so narrow, it was like driving over a one lane bridge in a traffic game. And then it hit me, one of those life changing aha moments. My house is not on the verge of being condemned for being a hoarder garbage house, it is on the verge of it's grand opening as the local Holiday boutique. Suddenly, my head was being held just a bit higher. I have been a bit more inspired. I have been a bit more accepting of my house for what interest and beauty it holds. It has only been about a week since this revelation, but it has brought a bit of a smile to my face now and again. I guess the saying is true "It's all the way you look at it" K~