Saturday, January 07, 2012

Welcome to the Zoo

This is Perdita (which means rescued), we call her Perdi
She is the smaller Bearded Dragon.  She was a rescue.  The vet at work called me and asked me if I could take her.  She has Metabolic Bone disease. This has limited her use of her hind legs and tail.  Her tail is 1/2 gone too.  Someone just dropped her off at a vet in St. Cloud in very bad condition.  She had to have medicine when she came to me.  I need to work on feeding her everything other than crickets.  I do leg exercises every day to help tone her muscles.  She has improved some. 

 This is Medusa.  She is an adoptee.  She is an albino corn snake and is about 3 feet long.  I adopted her from the same owner as Boris and Natasha.  She is sweet, but has a biting issue.  I need to hold her daily at risk of being bit to get her used to me.  She has not actually bit me, but she has struck at my head, neck and arms.  She used to be extremely tame, but needs more lovin.  Thus the adoption.  She does like to sit on my lap like a cat.  Her she is curled up by a stuffed animal I use as an elbow pillow.  She is huge compared to our little Mazey.  K~