Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perdi and Fancis

These photos tell it all.  I just love my beardies.  Francis is growing up so fast.  He looks more and more like Puff every day.  He is so strong and has such a fun, grumpy personality like Puff.  He seems to really like Perdi.  He looks at her so affectionately.  Sometimes I think he thinks she might be a yummy snack too.   Perdi is a nice orange color.  Her physical therapy I give her daily seems to be helping.  She uses her left back leg more, and her tail seems stronger.  Her right back legs is getting better I think. She resists me now, and that means her muscles are, at least, working.  I had to give them a bath because the only thing I HATE is how bad they STINK after thy poop!  So, in the bath they go.  This was the first time they were in the tub together.  Under close watch, I saw how they liked to kanoodle.  They got closer and then suddenly, Perdi discovered that Francis would make a nice retreat from the water.  ADORABLE!

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