Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cricket and Meal worm Farming

Well, I am starting out small, Literally!  I have set up small meal worm and cricket farm.  The meal worms are quiet and sit in oatmeal for now.  I hope to afford bran soon.  That will be much easier to sieve for babies, beetles, and feeding worms for my animals.   The cricket farm is nosy as to be expected.  The mommies are laying eggs, or so I think so.  They are are at least appearing to be depositing something with their tube in the mesh and dirt.  For now, the only addition I am going to make are containers for babies.  I will be getting that set up in the next week.  Here's hoping that it will be successful, so I can reduce if not stop my weekly purchase of 90+ crickets at 12 cents a piece.  K~

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