Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Old Man

This is my one of my all time favorite spring trips.  We take the canoe a ways down the Mississippi River.  Our goal.... to go into the flooded trees.  It is important to get to a place where it is easy to launch ones canoe AND to get into the canoe without tipping :)  Once underway it is also important to keep the canoe steady and not to reach for anything in or around the water.  River canoeing is different than lake canoeing, why, the current!  Man that current can be deceiving most of the time.
Under a highway bridge.
Moving through the back waters to the river.
Lots of eagles, herons and other fluttering bird.  Barn and cliff swallows and one good sized pileated woodpecker.  We were so close, it is surprising that none of our photos worked. 

This is what that blur is back there.  They stan
Cottonwood tree.
David heads into the vines, sticks, and spiders.
A VERY load river boat.
Some kind of river carving.
Warning signs of rough water ahead.
Tree caught by a pylon.
Water still rough. It's a little scary in a canue.
Spooky old building.
St. Paul.
Beautiful sky for a safe and beautiful river ride.  K~


No Less No More said...

I stumbled onto your blog a while ago, I visit once in a while to check out your needle work.

I really like your under the bridge photo, great composition.

Cheryl in Canada

K~ said...

Thanks so much Cheryl. I am also flattered that you check out my needle work. I have a new one coming up soon. K~