Thursday, October 11, 2012


There is a whole new movement out there called "earthing"???  I just heard of it for the first time last Thursday.  I find it very interesting.  I've been "earthing" my whole life.  I am always barefoot or using my hands in dirt without gloves etc.  I know there's more to it, but blah blah's all simply about use getting back to nature and feeling our earth.  Do we need added items to purchase, except perhaps a box of dirt for those people who live in a setting that doesn't have dirt like Tokyo City.  

The only caution is your skin gets SUPER DRY!!! carry lotion all the time.  

As for bugs and sleeping directly on the dirt.  Do you need to sleep on the ground overnight to connect with our earth and reap the benefits of it's healing?  I say, just ware ear plugs so bugs don't crawl in your ears, try it once and see how it goes.  If you live where black widows, black mambas, cobras, scorpions, etc. live, just well, be careful or don't do it.

I see on the "earthing" sights that you need to plug something in.  What could you possibly need to plug in to "Earth"? The only thing I can think of is possibly a high powered foot buffer to get your feet clean and de-callous for your cooperate work week. Seriously people,  there is nothing that needs to be plugged in in order  to connect to our earth. 

Earthing... I guess even some feel touching "Mother Nature" is marketable.


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