Thursday, October 04, 2012

Understanding differences: animals and humans

I know now why I seem to like animals more than humans.  They are predictable, even in their unpredictability.  Animals are all wild.  Even "domestic" animals.  Domestic animals just take longer to get upset if you bother them.  That's all.  The only real difference really.  There are no intellectual expectations with animals.  They are who they are.  One either accepts them or they don't.  They either accept you or they don't.  Yes, maybe over time an animal will tolerate humans, but again, they are who they are and we are right back to the fact that they are predictable even in there unpredictability.  As far as humans go. I think for me it's that intellectual piece that I stumble over often, if not all the time.  I expect people to, well be "human" in a situation or in their reaction.  Since I deal with animals "domestic and wild" on a daily basis, I look to the human and long to interact in a "human" way.  And I guess that is what I am getting.  I am getting the human experience.  I am getting all that intelligence has to offer.  Opinions are offered freely  uninformed and unsolicited. There is nothing predictable about humans.  On one hand that is what makes them human  on the other hand that is what makes them very inhumane. People are mean a lot of the time.  I am not excluded. And I know mean fuels mean.  Quiet usually follows quiet.  Humans are challenging. Humans are frustrating. Animals are animals.  K~


bobbione8y said...

I think animals are safer. Sure, they may bite your head off if they feel like it (some of them) but you can take precautions. You can wear a helmet. Or a hat.

But with people, you never no. It doesn't matter what kind of safety wear you have on, they can get ya.

As for mean people, you need to change the places you go. There are little pockets of really soft, kind, good people out there. Get on your helmet and start looking for some :)

Love ya.

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