Thursday, May 16, 2013

People in my fence

So one day several weeks ago, well by now it's been a few months, but anyway, I pulled my car into my parking spot and looked into the beam of light the headlights were making.  This is what I saw staring back at me.  I greeted the little fellow in an English/Scottish "Kipper" accent because well frankly to be honest, that is my internal voice now.  It has turned into a Scottish/English person.  Too much BBC perhaps.  I blame ABC for canceling "All My Children" but I digress. So back to my wonderful discovery.  So yes where was I.... Oh, I said Hello to this chap and I was just tickled!  He was so cute.  I took a picture of him.  Just as I finished, I saw his wife out of the corner of my eye.  She was impatiently waiting for me to notice her.  You can tell by her pursed lips.  I totally love her updo with the 1920's ringlets on the sides.  Or perhaps it's a fancy hat. I feel totally comfortable if you want to pick one or the other. 

 So shortly after meeting these to wonderful people I soon met some of there close friends.  This lady is a next door neighbor who likes to gossip.  Unfortunately she does it so frequently that her mouth has stuck at that sly whispering position.
 This is the goofy neighbor that hangs around and chats with them as they struggle to get in the door before he notices them and comes out to chat until night falls. We try and overlook that one of his eyes is sadly popping out of his head. 
 And lastly there is the guys that everyone likes because they are a bit to scared not to.


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It took me a bit, but I think i met all the neighbors in this post :)

post. ha ha.