Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thinking too hard

This would describe the way I often look at things.  I just simply can't pick up a form and fill it in.  I often pick away at it and find something that irritates me.  Or I find something that I question about the question.  The other night at work for example I was cleaning the turtles as I often do. We have new sheets that were created by the vets.  There is a lot asked of us.  And I think that's just fine.  As I go through them, it's clear that some are reading them and some aren't.  So on one particular form the vet asks us to count the # of fish left before cleaning it.  They want to know what if anything the turtle is eating.  Sounds easy so I do this and I log it.  One thing to know, the AM crew both cleans and feeds. The PM crew ONLY cleans.  So I am looking over the turtles sheet and noticing that the AM people are writing that they are finding 0 fish.  Pausing, I get a little giggly... um.. if PM is not feeding there... would... be... no... fish??? so 0. right? These are things that I find very enjoyable.  K~

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bobbione8y said...

Yes, thinking is both fun and horrible. And very difficult to stop doing.