Sunday, April 05, 2015


Something that I have been told frequently is that "I am not my diagnosis".  I have been thinking about this for of course quite some time.  Usually when I bring up my contradictory opinion regarding this, I get much resistance.  I am told "You are NOT your diagnosis."  For a bit, I agreed.  I thought, ya...I am not.  I am an entire person with a lot to add to society.  

But it didn't sit well with me. Tonight, I started to think about it differently.  When a person has a physical illness, they are not that illness or diagnosis alone, they are a whole person that happens to have a particular diagnosis of an illness.  When it happens to be a mental diagnosis, I think it needs to looked at a bit differently.  Ones personality is formed in the mind.  Ones personality is created in the brain.  Ones memories are kept in the brain.  Ones learning happens in the brain.  Who you are is who your brain is.  So that makes me:

What a fun bag for tricks... Hu? k~

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