Saturday, January 16, 2016

Abe - The Whites Tree Frog

Well first I have to explain the name of this chubby "little" fella.  I had a hard time naming him.  ThenI got "smart".  The whites tree frog is Arboreal. Except when I was thinking about it I was thinking Aboreal. SOOoooo.... I think Aboreal - Abe makes sense right. Until I got used to that name in my head and I figured out, DUH... it's arboreal with an R so his name really doesn't make any sense
 Here is my pretty shiny Abe.

 That beautiful cricket eating face with golden eyelids.

 He wasn't so happy posing. 

 He allowed me a few more.

 He needed to rest between shots, but then gave me a few more good ones.

 Look at that leg. 

Look at those awesome fingers.  K~

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