Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost in the forest of berries


EVERY TIME I go to Woodbury I get lost.  It is AMAZING!!

As a matter of fact, today I got lost in Vadnais Heights, then there's MINNEAPOLIS... I can't even count the months I have spent wandering the streets (IN MY CAR!!) thinking "why is every road in Minneapolis a one way going the same way?)

That brings me to my life as of recently...

1.   Oh this is funny, most of the people I know, which is about 3 or 4, know this one. I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. to see how deaf I really am.  He was in the room for about 3 minutes.  He said "Well you can think about this as your glass half empty and we can set you up with hearing aids today,  OR you can think of your life half full and just roll with it."  I said " Oh, I am not going to get $5000 hearing aids, I am going to get an ear trumpet and the double ear trumpets or cups.  These are far more affordable.

2.   So in the forest of berries... (What David called Woodbury when he was 4) I found out that I need glasses. No surprise.  I am blind as a mole rat.  I can't get the screen larger. I have already decided what glasses I want. 

                                                 Aren't they beautiful :) 

3.   Today I found out that I need Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my left hand...Sigh. Quite quickly, I might add. That goes down on June 15th.  I am off work for 6 weeks. But instead of well wishes from my boss, I get "I hope you don't lose your territory" ... Um.  So, I have to have surgery and I have to worry about losing my stores that I have worked on so hard... Nice.

4.  The other day I went food shopping.  I kid you not, almost everything I purchased, the cashier said, and I quote "Oh, I have to stop eating these, they are so fattening,", "Man, these are SO GOOD, I can't believe how bad they are for you." , "Man, I stopped drinking pop a long time ago, it is so unhealthy." , " Aren't these good, if only I could stop eating these, but I can't, here comes a few more pounds."  Yeah.  Can't wait to bring my stuff home, let alone pay for it. Thanks for that chat ma'am.

Must sign out, can't feel my left finger tips.  I am so happy for my high school typing classes.  At least I got this far.


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