Thursday, March 22, 2007

moss and mud

We went on a family walk today. It was GORGEOUS out!
We had a high of about 63 today. Sunny and you could see bits and pieces of green moss everywhere. I love moss. I want to go on line and see when it blooms here.

Bing took his first official Walsh hike. I think he did ok, but he is not in the sporting category for a reason. Short stumpy legs, Bow legged, long dangly ears, and a Low under carriage.

Notice, if you will, the hair hanging under his belly, nice and muddy.

"Well that's done!"

Bing and his portable water bowl.

The Walsh clan.

They look like a fine bunch huh?



Karen said...

So nice! If you ever need a home for Bing, send him my way. He had my heart at that first bath picture.

bobbione8y said...

i would FREAK OUT at the sight of that belly!

and to think you are a woman who cannot stand stickiness. what about muddiness? do you towel him off before you go in?

dang that is cute tho... :)

Karen said...

Bought a portable water bowl--what a genius idea!!