Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flute -The right instruction (A God Story)

C- Had the most beautiful flute lesson yesterday! I could have just cried right there.

She has been so frustrated about flute. She just started this year and the school band/instrument teacher has them working on 3 different pieces of sheet music!!! To those of you who are not musicians, that too hard! She's 9 and has been playing since October. He has expressed his frustration with the group.

She has been in tears many times recently over not being able to play. I have, from the beginning, been trying to guide her. I play the oboe. Together we have been trying to work on her progress to no avail. She just wants to stop and give up.

This weekend, I noticed that her sound was just airy and weak. I too, secretly, was frustrated with her, that she could hardly play a note! So, I called my friend in ECFE that graduated college in flute. I asked her if she did lessons. She does. I explained that we may not be able to afford many, but I would like her to evaluate C and see how she is really doing on flute. So we set up a lesson for Last night!

Meanwhile during her lesson at school yesterday morning, the instrument teacher told C not to play her flute, just to finger along. That there must be something wrong with her flute.

NO NOTE HOME TO US!! She just, "oh by the way", told us when she got home. I asked her if he said we should bring it in to be fixed, and she said he didn't say anything like that.

C and I go to her lesson last night with all this info. Joy listened to C and then Joy played C's flute. She said yes, there is something wrong with your flute. She fixed a pin immediately and they proceeded with the lesson. She was so kind and smart. She was so patient with me (the nervous -and annoying- stage mom) and C gabbing constantly (hmmm wonder where she gets that??)

She gave her concrete instructions for the week. She borrowed a CD of James Galway (supposed to be the most famous and best flute player in the world) and a easier lesson book!!!!
She also gave her constant praise on what she was doing right. AND written lesson instructions for the week!!

I left with my heart full of appreciation and joy! (funny her name is Joy) God and I just knew that she shouldn't quit until she learns to play and chooses for her self that she does not want to continue!




Karen said...

What a nice story! I am so glad for both of you. I would go and kick the instructor at school in the shin. Not very Christian, but veeerry effective. :-)

K~ said...

Yes, I am SO FRUSTRATED with C's education right now!! She is such a great kid, and seems to have gotten sweeped under the rug!

Shin kicking..... I like it!!


bobbione8y said...

awright you two.

settle down. i don't recall the Lord kicking anybody's shins :))

he he.

glad C is gonna learn to play...!

Karen said...

I'm convinced that we have to put on our "Mama Bear" faces when it comes to our kids' educations. The System, as it stands, sucks. I won't be surprised if the Lord call me to homeschool at some point..

Jesus didn't kick shins, but he never hesitated to tell someone off when they needed it!!

K~ said...

Yes,.... well,... I am being too chicken to even face the man, let alone kick him in the shins. But, the visual does help erase my little C's sad teary face. K~