Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The dog ate my homework..............

Hey, Let's get a DOG!!!!........
So, Sir Bing as we call him, has been busy. He first chewed up D's book from school. I have to replace it. I decided to fix the one that has now become our home copy. It fell where we could not see him enjoying it!! Literally under my feet, the foot stool. Following, is an email i wrote to his teacher. I wrote it at 10 PM last night.

Hi Rita.D has been doing so well going to school after break. We are very pleased.I just wanted you to know that our Dog ate his Chirp book! I am going to buy a new one. Please let D bring that one back home, and I will pickup a new one for the chirp library. It is "Dinosaurs before dark" Sorry about that. No one saw that it had fallen out of his chirp folder under the foot stool. I will get a new one to you by next week.
Then I come out to the Kitchen and see this mess all over the floor. I think I stared at it for a good minute. "What is that?"........ Oh, it's just C's math homework!!!
Sir Bing had a little snack while I was doing my emial. I spent a good 1/2 hour in vane trying to put the homework puzzle back together. He only "ate" the part she wrote on. The empty part was left untouched. So...... I proceeded to the computer and emailed her teacher regarding the issue. It included photos of proof. And then put the shredded up homework in a zip lock baggy and put it back into her backpack, which by the way, he reached into and pulled it out!

Hi Dan,

I can't believe I am actually writing this, but our dog literally ate up C's homework. I am going to send it in a baggy so you can see she finished it. She and Rick worked on it tonight. At this time of night, she does not know it even happened. I came into the kitchen after putting them down for bed and couldn't figure out what was all over the floor. He must have taken it out of her open back pack. I tried in vane to put it back together again. Here is the evidence. I thought visuals would be appreciated . Please allow C to get any new pages she might need.

Thank you. K~

By the way, I just emailed Rita about Bing eating D's chirp book that fell under the foot stool with out our knowledge. We are needing to replace that one. The last photo is of the poor book.

So there it is.


Karen said...

I showed this to the boys, and they thought it was hilarious. At least your pain has provided entertainment for us! :-) After we stopped laughing, we looked through all the pics of your zoo, and Puff was voted everyone's favorite (with Bing coming in a close second). I voted for Sir Bing, who has a home here whenever you need a break.


K~ said...

Thanks Karen. I am glad you guys liked the zoo. We have a newt and a sea anename now! No photos yet. K~