Sunday, April 29, 2007

from oil to thread

Inspiration Piece: Miro - oil painting - 1930 (ish) - "The Escape Ladder"

The Final Results.
The bookmark on the left is what I started with. It is a representation of the original painting above.
The bookmark on the right is a very stylized version of the first representation.
The one on the right, taking considerably less time, then the one on the left.
When the creative process is completely free flowing, the first, it is just like a small painting of expression. It can change, for me, in every stitch just like in every paint brush stroke.
When the process is reduced to a module form, it can come together quite quickly.
I just love the creative process!


bobbione8y said...

oh. i love the first one best. but yeah, i see the point of the second one too.

gotta love miro!!!!

you are cool too :)

K~ said...

Oh Thanks. I don't understand, why he named a ton of his paintings the same thing. Google "the escape ladder" and see what you get. K~

Karen said...

Man. That makes my little paper box look like....a little paper box. I am in awe of your talents!!

Got my mini-loaf pan, thank you!!!

K~ said...

Oh, I am so glad your mini loaf pan came ok. I meant to email you on that this weekend, but with 3 birthday parties, I lost track of my PC stuff!! Thanks for your kind words. I DO LOVE YOUR paper boxes. I am thinking of putting in an order for one from you. K~

Karen said...

K--I will gladly send you a paper box. I think my mom will appreciate flowers more...

Now if the bananas would hurry up and go bad before the Monkey eats them all. I'm dyin' to try out that pan.

K~ said...

Hey Karen, Did you know that you can freeze bananas and they will be mushy when they thaw? Just a tip. K~

Karen said...

Just put the bananas in the freezer!! Thanks!