Monday, April 02, 2007

On any given day!

It's funny how almost all of my blogs post an AM time on them. That is because I think I am going to blog in the AM and it never seems to happen lately. I am now sitting here on April 2nd at 10:30 PM. Trying to sort out my day.

This is my office on any given day. I clean it up and organize it really well. Then, the days activities begin and before it is 9 am, my office looks like this! My favorite is the Octopus that I have under my desk. Please don't send this to the Fire Marshall. It is Bing's favorite snack during his visits. He is almost through my camera cord and the DSL cord....Yeah!!! To look at this, you wouldn't think that I was known for my organizational skills and prioritizing ability. I was a hot commodity in my day.

But, There are some things that just seem to work themselves out.

Don't comment on the 1970 gold, yes gold, chair (savings!! as my husband likes to say!) And my Carpet that was probably vacuumed 5 minutes ago. We still have the same vacuum that the neighbors saw me through out the back door, over our porch, and onto the sidewalk( many years ago). I have hated it from the get go. I call it the "Spitter 2000". You see, it likes to spit all the dirt out the back instead of sucking it up. Hurts when you are a hill billy like me and always go barefoot!!

That's a day.



Karen said...

Man, my Divestor would have that place ship-shape before you know it! "Forget cleaning, forget organizing, just get rid of everything!!"

Bing is telling me, with his eyes, that he wants to come over...

K~ said...

Hi Karen, When your Divestor has some "free time" :-) tell him he can make the road trip. I tell ya! But call first, I have to dig myself out to get to the door!!!

Bing is by far one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. He is SUCH a good puppy! He would LOVE to come over!!!

I got your email, I will email you today...