Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In the last 10 day!

I feel like I have been out of circulation! The end of the year can get quite crazy at the Walsh home!! Updates are needed:

After S's birthday on the 1st. Our nephew from New York came into town with his mom and dad! That's him on the far left. He is totally in love with C. That's my God Child M in the baby bucket. He is the brother of I, T and F. sitting to the left of C. Then there is my crew, C, D and S! What a bunch!

My God son M. Chewing the finger off of my sister-in-law J. (not here child)

We entertained them until the 12th.

C had her 10th birthday. We celebrated it on the 12, 13, 14th (actual day) and 20th!!! So I guess that makes her 40 like her mom will soon be!! We had a teacher retirement party. D's teacher. Look out FALL!!

Bing had his surgery on Friday the 18th!

C got her yellow belt in Karate (self defense - it's all too confusing for me!) And broke a board in half.

D had his first baseball game and hit a home run!!

C and D passed into level 4 of Swimming and S is 1/2 through level 1!!

And a new little addition to the zoo - Peanut!

I am sure I am forgetting something. Oh yes and tonight, I am doing my first Pampered Chef Kitchen show since February! AAAHHH.



Karen said...

Holy crapoly, man. I'm exhausted just reading about your life! Good job, mom, on all the milestones successfully passed. Now put your feet up...for five minutes, and then go do it all again.

K~ said...

Gee I hope not, but I think you are right! Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. K~