Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Truly a Sandwich!

OK, I was just about going to check myself into the
nut ward ( that's what they call it, right?) at the hospital last night!
I have totally and fully entered the sandwich generation!! I am NOT prepared for this stage of my life.


Karen said...


The nut ward is over here, and yes, you are welcome to check yourself in anytime. :-)

bobbione8y said...

i know.

my mom has a chronic cough that worries me, my dad just had a pet-ct scan and has a hurt leg, and siesta is a lotta work.

good thing i like sandwiches :)
nut wards, not so much.

K~ said...

I have entered the "Sandwich Generation". Have you heard about that? It is when you have children to care for, as well as parents. K~

bobbione8y said...

i think i was referencing that between my parents and my cat, i am a semi-sandwich ;)

K~ said...

OH Bob, I am sorry, I was answering Karen's question. Sorry for the confusion. I totally got your comment :-)! K~

Karen said...

I guess I'm kind of there, too. Or at least I was in Feb. when I spent that week in the hospital w/ my mom. I really feel like it should be another 20 years before they need to be taken care of...

What exactly happened to yours?