Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to School I Need to Go!!!

Ok..Karen replied to one of my blogs regarding my friend going to Arkansas all the time. She lives in Alabama. So I was going to reply to here regarding a visit. And I knew that they were close to each other, but, I actually had to pull out a map of the US to actually see where they were in relation to each other. Sad Sad Sad. I should have at least known where the states are. ANYWAY. There is the state of Mississippi to go through. Then it depends on where my friends friend lives and where Karen lives. Phew... I never knew a quick visit would be so complicated to coordinate. Maybe someday Karen :-).. K~


Karen said...

Ok, it's really not that far! We could meet in the middle, maybe?

K~ said...

I never thought of that. Me and Bing could take a road trip. He would LOVE LOVE LOVE that. K~

Karen said...

Yeah! Bring Bing!!!!