Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sensitive Plant

This Plant is very unusual. It is lanky. It has small spike on its stem. It opens up as you see it for the sun and closes at night. If you touch it's leaves, the leaves closes up tight. If you touch it's stem, the stem collapses at "joints".


Karen said...

Where did you find this guy? We're studying plants in Science, will have the Monkey do some research on this one. Very cool.

K~ said...

Hi Karen, This is a really cool plant and fairly easy to keep. I just got mine at a local plant store. I bet one of your locat plant stores could even order it. It is commanly called Sensitive Plant, but it's scientific name is
Mimosa pudica (mmm sounds like a nice morning beverage) I just googled and got a couple of these sites. I am sure that you can find a bunch of info on it. Have fun! K~