Monday, November 05, 2007

better today...thanks

Hi All. Thanks so much for your kind words.
I am much better today. The thumb is still infected, but the big white thing is off, I am off the codeine (darn) and am doing fine. I can kind of use it now and again. I doesn't look bad at all. I had my toe done 5 years ago. Still remember it like it was yesterday. If anyone says they need to trim out your nail, just cut your finger off with a knife. It would hurt less.

Oh Susan, OUCH!! Having it done 2 times is 2 times too many for me.

Last night, I had to take a fish hook that was deeply lodged in my husbands finger, out with a pliers. That was GROSS!! it hurt a lot, but he was just fine 10 minutes later!
Not a good week for the Walshes.

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bobbione8y said...

i thought he has a desk job ?!