Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Bing!

Bing is one!
He got groomed on Thursday TOTALLY SHAVED.
We now call him Bi-Bo-Hi-Po. His face still looks like Bing, His head, ears and legs look like my moms recently passed dog Buttons. His neck looks like my moms new dog Heidi, very Giraffe like. And Lastly his body looks like Ricks mom's dog that has since passed, Polly.
There for Bi-Bo-Hi-Po!!
I think he looks like Mr. Peabody from Sherman and Mr. Peabody. I am not sure if anyone remembers this cartoon. I am old now :-)
You be the judge.



Karen said...

Oh, Bingy. He's still the cutest puppy on the whole, wide earth.

When is he coming to visit??

Hey, I might get to see you this weekend, did Bobbi tell you?

K~ said...

No Way!! That would be too neat. I hope so. K~