Thursday, November 08, 2007

Going South!

Off to South Dakota I go!!! I better stop blogging and start packing! I want to leave in about an hour. I need to vacuum, sweep, do the dishes, shower, pack and oh, get some things ready for the kids, because Rick is taking them and the dog camper cabin camping tonight! My thumb is about up to 70% better. Still need to rest it from crafting now and again. So I will be slow but sure for Saturdays craft fest!! Don't have a photo for today, so I will just put something in for all to look at. I hope to blog when I am a Bobbi's, but She has a user friendly Mac and I have the not so user friendly other kind. I am so needing this break!!


bobbione8y said...

sunday afternoon, it was SO QUIET here, and i was a little bit sad.

i told phil "how can it be that i have lived alone my whole life, but after 3 days of living with someone, i hate living along?"

:) anyway, it was good. miss you.

bobbione8y said...

oops, that was "living ALONE", not along...

you know what i mean.

K~ said...

I had SOOOO Much Fun. It has been a bit boring here too. Although, I do have enough to do with the house! It wasn't that bad when I came home. MISS YOU TOO! K~