Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where to begin!!

Boy it was fun in South Dakota. It's like going home for me. I love the fields of stinky farms and the view for miles and miles. I just love it down there. Now, the drive could have been 169 miles shorter. I tell ya, when I turned onto I90 or what I like to call the "straight ribbon wind tunnel of flatness", it said Sioux Falls 169 miles!! I just about panicked and turned around. I am so glad I didn't. It was too fun. We ate a delicious yummy gooey pizza, I have never tried before! And get this......I bought Bobbi some monkey slippers and she bought me "socks to stay home in" slippers! TOO Funny! We always seem to have the same brain when it comes to stuff. Bobbi and I chatted and went to bed early :-) Oh boy, I could go to sleep when I wanted to. Just like that!! Then we got up on Friday and "Wasted the whole day!" shopping and shopping oh and did I mention shopping! I did quite well for not having any money! I think I did get a couple of Christmas gifts purchased. We ate the most wonderful taco salad EVER! We watched the only 4 channels Bobbi gets. What were they? 22,33,44,55,66? Too funny. I did like the ridiculous bride show. I must catch that again this Friday. My thumb held out fine. I had recovered nicely for me to finish the 4th strip of my crocheted afghan, my purse, and a book mark. I also did 4 or so rows on the bottom of my cross stitch box. Then Saturday. Bobbi had us up at sunrise to clean her perfectly immaculate house. We had enough yummy food to feed a small army. Oh, Bobbi makes homemade carmel corn the night before, and I tell you. I snacked on that all night and all day. Back to Saturday. Everyone came with piles of more food. I ate and ate and ate. We made these super neat crafts and I met 3 new fantastic women. Casey, Erin, and Sara. After learning that Erin drove 7 days across the Yukon Territory from Alaska to South Dakota with 3 children (6, 2 and 7 months) with her husband I started to think twice about complaining about the 169 miles! Welcome Erin to the Midwest! Sara and Casey were too sweet and too talented! Then there was Kristi.... The crafting maniac!! She can craft. I swear I looked over by her and paper was a flying. Bobbi was looking up phrases from an old children's book. I wish I could remember them all. "Take a look at my donkey?" was one, or something like that. Well needless to say we were very tired that night and were asleep by 9:30. Sunday was relaxing and sad. Time to go back home! It was a super fun weekend! Thanks Bobbi!! K~


Cassie said...

awesome to meet you! Can't wait for the big craft show on the 1st.

Karen said...

I'm glad you had fun, but really, what I got out of that post was, "blah blah crafting blah HOMEMADE CARMEL CORN blah blah blah."

I'm hungry. :-)

K~ said...

Oh you should have seen Becky Homecky Bobbi! She is amazing!!!! She puts me to shame ten times over. Home made this, home made that!! I got to see it all and taste it all. I was TOTALLY spoiled. and inspired :-) K~