Monday, November 26, 2007


This is my story.

My entire family went roller skating yesterday.

"Mommy, are you going?" my kids chimed in.
"I will watch, but, I will not skate, I'd break something for sure!" I said.

D (left) and his friend A.
Oh, and my stud muffin Rick, cutting it up!

So after I took these awful photos, I went shopping for some Christmas gifts....SCORE! I just had to pick up a final piece of a gift we have wanted to get for one of the kids, that was at a store by or house. Yeah.

We dropped off one of the friends after roller skating. The plan was, mom was needing to pick up something at her craft store, which happened to be very close to place that I had the last part of the gift on hold! Perfect!

Rick dropped me off. I went into the craft store as a decoy. They left to drop friend #2 off at home. I proceed to pick up the last component... done, and done well I must say!!

I step into another store to check something out. I come out, I see them. I have my alibi ready if I needed it.

I am almost to the curb, I trip over the curb, I am falling......

I hit my right fingers first, they go all the way back and hit the back of my hand, no time to react much, I proceed to take the rest of the full force of the fall on my left cheek and boob!

Knees...they come last!

I am screaming! Rick helps me in the car. we are one the way to the Urgent Care. This happened at 5 PM.

Finally Rick picks me up at the 2nd Urgent Care (first has no X-ray that night) at 8:10PM. Guess it wasn't so urgent.

And I look like this.

Goes all the way past my elbow. I could not stop laughing in the doctors office. I feel he went a bit overboard. NOT BROKEN. he was surprised. Just major screwed up tendons, ligaments and muscles. At first he came in with a 3 foot long aluminum foil tube, I thought, you are not putting that on me, then he did this, not much better.

I am sore. I think I have a bit o whip lash, 2 sore knees, my left thumb is swollen an very sore, My boob seems OK but sore, my cheek looks like Rick gave me a nice punch to my face (no seriously officer, "I tripped up a curb") My right hand has completely given up. First the thumb, that just started feeling normal, now this.

Boy, I am sure glad I didn't go skating. Wouldn't have wanted to hurt myself!!

(all typed with left hand hunting and pecking!)

Oh, I am not celebrating anymore holidays.

First pumpkin then gifts......

Hey Kids, Mommy hates holidays!!! :-)



bobbione8y said...

oh kirst!!!!

are you in some kind of training program for america's funniest home videos?

because there MUST be less painful ways to do these things.

seriously. i hope you are feeling okay today. you do paint quite a picture, tho :)


bobbione8y said...

by the way, i didn't double check, but it appears you spelled all of this very long, left handed post with NO MISSPELLINGS.

hmmmm. maybe hunting and pecking is for you!!


K~ said...

Yes Bob, I find I need to type a bit slower hunting and pecking. I am now down to 4 left fingers and a very sore left thumb. My left arm and boob are not so good 2 days after the fact.! Man! K~