Sunday, December 02, 2007

Moving slow

I have been moving a bit slow this week. In and out of my arm splint. I can go most of the day with my ace bandage only, then, do too much, and I need to wear my splint in the evening. My hand looks mostly normal now and I am hoping to be back to "normal" by mid week or so. I even moved a couch, scraped ice windows on my van and folded some clothes today.

I have been cross stitching. I figured I could work my way up to doing a few rows.

I watched a 4 hour movie last night, MOBY DICK. OK that was an ending that didn't need to take 4 hours to get to. I only watched it because Rick is reading the book. I hate to know the ending, because he doesn't. I hope that the 1000 page book is a bit more interesting. Because, seriously to get to the end of that and find out that's what!

Anyway. Here is a completed gift. All ready for Christmas. I also finished one more too. I don't have photos of that. I better go splint up my arm! K~


Karen said...

Oh, Kirst. I HATE Moby Dick. I would have warned you if I could. Why on earth is Rick reading that? I was forced to, as an English major, and despised every second of it. Yuck.

K~ said...

Hi Karen, I know. That was some movie. He is only 1/4 of the way through. I saw a kids version of it in the store and thought I would get it for Rick. It was about 25 pages long. I am still thinking about that for Christmas. I missed you. I think of you daily. K~