Thursday, December 27, 2007

Scramble. Rest.

Bing says it all.

The holiday is summed up in 2 photos.



I hope your holiday was great! Ours was nice. A bit different with my mom and dad in Arizona and Janet, Lutz and Niko here from New York. It was nice though and I really enjoyed the holiday.



Lisa said...


Lisa said...

Hi Kirsten,
I don't know what happened, but my original witty comment couldn't be published. I think I hate this. Anyway, cute picture. It does capture the holidays pre and post.
I got your package, thank you so much. I bagged my original idea for your gift and am working on V2.0 now, maybe a president's day gift?
Trifle is the easiest thing ever. Cake, whipped cream and booze. What could go wrong?

K~ said...

I am glad you like it. It was hard this year. I couldn't do so much crafting. My hand really let me down. I wanted to send Harper something, but alas, I remembered AFTER I mailed your package. I know what I want to get him, so I will let you know when I send another package.

Oh trifle, I was thinking Truffles. Which can either be icky stinky mushroom or gooey filled lovelies.


Susan said...

Hope you had a great day.

I always love the Bing photos - they make me smile.

Karen said...

I hope you're in the "resting" phase now!!