Friday, December 21, 2007

For Lisa.

Harper......Isn't he adorable! K~


Lisa said...

Okay Kirsten,
I caved, I have an account to comment, don't know if I have anything else. Thanks for the pictures, allowing me to continue being a complete sap where the animal is concerned(he's been removing Christmas tree ornaments, and I laugh it off)
Good seeing you last week, glad you enjoyed the Santa letters, thought you might.
Merry Christmas to the whole crew

Lisa said...

Oh by the way, I'm on call and have actually gotten called in-what the hell is the matter with people? Otherwise to friends for the night, am attempting a trifle-Britain's main contribution to world cuisine. My host is British-I'm hoping the effort and not the result is appreciated

K~ said...

YEAH!!! Welcome to the slippery slope Lisa!!! Yeah! You made my 2007! K~

bobbione8y said...

wow, it's a reunion :)

hi girls !!

Lisa, i did not get your email, i will attempt to email you with the address i have for you. i know you are a multiple email account user, so i hope i have the right one! i wouldn't mind a couple of pics of the new abode in your next email, either ;)

Kirst, i got the gift yesterday! i laughed aloud! dang, i needed those items :) love the little gnome guy too! thank you!!!!!!!!

ps. i got snowed in at home today, and i actually finished your gift. i like it, but hopefully not enough to keep it ... he he. i'll try to get to the post office before i throw it in the closet :)

K~ said...

Hi Bob!! I am glad you like it. I jazzed up the oven mit a bit. The timer is very nice. I use it so I don't nap too long!! I will be expecting a package from you Bob. Or at least a photo of it :-) K~